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MicroBusiness waste an average of 19 days a year chasing invoices*

32% of these businesses take out loans or other forms of credit to pay suppliers and wages because of late payment.

* Source - Intuit

Instant Credit Checking - or the time to understand its content

Our credit checking can be supplied instantly and covers most of the world and we are able to offer an explanation as to what is being reported, as many SME’s do not have the resources.

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Welcome to Hadley Capital

We are a Credit Management Company committed to supporting SME’s in every sector. We support them by:


Assisting them in raising the right funds for their businesses to grow.


Assisting them to survive by putting the correct support and/or investment in place.


Assisting them to re-align their cash-flow by ensuring their debtor days are reduced & late payments recovered.

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£ 20000

25% of small business owners say an unpaid debt of just £20,000 would put their business at risk of failure.

Source: The Insolvency Service

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Microbusinesses, those with less than 10 staff, spend 19 working days a year chasing invoices.

Source: Intuit

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What Our Clients Say About Our Services

Take a look at our recent success stories.

Professional and efficient in executing clients instructions. They keep clients updated at every stage, and importantly for me, keep me in the loop so when I am speaking with my clients, we’re singing off the same hymn sheet.

Neil Taylor | Barclays Bank

I have seen first hand how effective the Hadley Capital process can be having recommended clients to them for a number of years. Their approach allows clients to grasp the importance of credit control and they assist them in granting credit to those that deserve it. When called upon, their collection process is highly effective with my clients receiving all their funds within 17 days of making contact with Hadley and with the business relationships with customers still intact.

Mark Acred | Principal of Mark Acred Business Support

Can I just say a big thank-you to you and your staff in collecting the outstanding debt from my client. I had written this off to be honest as I didn’t think for a second she would pay anybody. A very difficult client to deal with ! So well done on this one. Thanks again

Seb Horner | Managing Director of Dovetail Care

I have no hesitation in recommending my clients to Hadley Capital Ltd. They consistently perform and my customers are impressed that I am able to direct them to a company that can offer such services, which in turn helps me a) retain a client and b) increase my rates of offer and acceptance.

Julian Opani | Lloyds Bank Business Manager